Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vintage Cardboard Picnic suitCase

Earlier posted about the best ever black McBrine suitcase
(most views on my blog).
then a black Piano Tuner Case and now a Picnic suitcase.

This fitted case was full and ready to picnic.

- red plastic plates and handled knife, stainless steel mixed cutlery, 
vintage can openers, vintage salt and pepper (Tupperware), 
cube sugar, powdered creamer in plastic container, steak knives, 
paper towels (brown), vintage cloth napkin and tablecloth
(couldn't save those, too stained and worn although they had lovely patches) - 

Should have taken a photo of the 'before it was cleaned'.

Well used, had a lot of history. 

Thank you to the elderly couple down the block who were doing some serious downsizing.

Dusted, damp wiped, aired and into my booth.


  1. are you going to use it for a picnic ...

    I really do love it

  2. These are very popular right now. I wish I went on more picnics then I would have an excuse to buy one :-)


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