Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Teacups - so many, so lovely. The pale grey shelves go so well with the beautiful and delicate cups and saucers.

One blogger who enjoy tea is Sandi who writes Rose Chintz Cottage. Sandi hosts Tea Time Tuesday - this link is to is her 78th (last week). Other's link to her Tuesday page so there is a great wealth of teacups, teapots, delicious dessert photos and some good visiting from this site.


  1. What a fab selection - I recognise quite a few there that I have in my own collection.

    So glad to hear you enjoyed my post on The Railway Children x

  2. ...they are all so beautiful...I remember my moms friends had a teacup "shower" for her..she still has some of them after 50 years!...yes I am old enough to remember!


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