Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Metal and Glass

I like the way a two' same pictures' can be merged in Picnik. 
Occasionally a photo is the wrong size for a 'single' and by using a 'double' frame, 
then dragging the duplicate photos and resizing the frame to zero,
plus adding a border the whole object fits.

Cast Iron handles

Very pleased to find this lantern. E.T. Wright Ltd. Hamilton Ontario.

The thimble tells the size story. This tiny tin had sewing needles inside - it was in one of the sewing baskets.


  1. Joy what a great lantern! The little tin is so precious. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love the lantern the best! My father collected them. He would have loved that one.

  3. What lovely things you find! I especially like the little needle tin - maybe because I'm a nut for tiny things. Thanks for your kind comments and for following. I'll return the favor and be back to look at more of your precious finds.

  4. What treasures! I love Picnik! My daughter 'introduced' us!

  5. Love the pics! Thank you for sharing the picnik idea!


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