Thursday, August 18, 2011

Late Night - Painting

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Once a month the mall where I have a booth has "late night at the mall" so dealers can come in and work on their booths. Tuesday night I painted for 3 hours - finished painting two posts, a portion of the overhead arch, the side of two shelves...
as always, click on the picture to enlarge

and the front of the china cabinet. This cabinet has a bit of history in that the door locks were cut off by a nasty group of well organized thieves last fall and two large china items were stolen - walked right out of the store with a person wearing a large raincoat, while the rest of the group worked on distraction. They came back for seconds but the staff had reported the theft to the police and were not about to be fooled again.

After filling out paperwork, finding clear photos of the items for the police, talking to the very nice lady constable etc. I removed the doors/locks and turned the china cabinet into a display area.

Long story. Now the cabinet is a very pale gray and looks very settled and fresh. More interior painting to be done, perhaps in September when 'school hours' free me for working on my own projects.


  1. I'm definitely more tempted in when the display cabinet is painted in a light colour; perhaps because it's what I would choose in my own home.
    I guess you can say at least you thieves have good taste!

  2. I wish my mall had a night that was closed to customers so we could work without being distracted. We have our thefts too!


  3. It is terrible but you cannot hardly trust anyone anymore. You have a very nice, large booth, filled with lots of nice goodies. Wish I lived where I could visit it.

  4. Thanks for the welcome! What a lovely, happy jumble and concoction of things you have in your store. How I'd love to come shopping! (I'll leave the big raincoat home, though...) I love the painted cabinet - so fresh and pretty!

  5. Good terrible! what was the fantastic item that someone
    (lots of someones!) thought was worth stealing..oh my such a story!
    I must admit you know I love it painted!..Great Job
    I wish we could have been there Tues seems i am always up to something on those days...must make it a priority ...we where in Vistoria...We got some great treasures tho!
    Joy I must say it is so great that you do all this blogging about the mall...Thank you!
    p.s. I will miss you not coming on sat!

  6. The paint made a HUGE difference!! Hope you had plenty of security for that late night painting! I so wish I could stroll through your booth!! I am 'strolling' as I examined the enlarged pics!


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