Monday, August 1, 2011

Framed Silk Embroidery, flour and sugar sacks ...

A few 'new in' pretties. The framed embroidery on silk - vase, flowers and ferns is very vintage, lived at my home for a long time. The sugar and flour sacks would make sweet cushions or wall pictures. The faux trunk was picked up by a teen minutes after I took the photo and went to a new home. The tilt frame mirror replaces the larger tilt frame (posted a couple of days ago) as it went to a new home too. The other photos are fresh vignettes.


  1. The mirror is stunning...and I better get to the booth today to get that red trim flour sack for a client!.....see you soon!

  2. I like that mirror, and the enamel sieve is the kind of thing I love to use in my kitchen. As usual, your posts make me want to come and stroll through your shop!

  3. ah, that framed floral is gorgeous! I'd have a hard time letting that go. I'd love to visit your shop!


  4. was so busy today whe I wentI couldn't get in your you still have the flour sack?

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