Saturday, August 20, 2011

Durabilt Luggage Ltd, Vancouver, Canada - Vintage Suitcase

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A Stroll Through Life wrote a post about Comments that is worth reading.

I can not imagine carrying this piece of luggage anywhere let alone filled. We are spoiled by wheeled suitcases with long handles. This large piece would be a great base for a suitcase tower or hall table. The Metal label on this suitcases reads: 
(4 stars) 
Durabilt Luggage Ltd. 
Vancouver, Canada

Anne Lorys, who writes Fiona and Twig posted a great hallway suitcase entryway table/tower. Check her link. I saw another great idea (and can't find the link) where the suitcases were mounting as shelves (like the floating shelves from IKEA) and used for storage.


  1. I love old suitcases and trunks and have several. I use train cases- several of which I decoupaged with Victorian paper - for my make up and toiletries. I always wonder who used these and where have they been?

  2. A great suitcase. I can remember my Dad lugging two of these walking to the station when we went on holiday!

  3. Old suitcases are fascinating - the stories they could tell! I love them all stacked up in a room. But you're right - today's luggage is so much easier to use. But I love the leather handles, dont' you?

  4. Thanks for the comments today. I have seen so many great blogs that showcase multiple uses for old suitcases. Great for storage and for decorating.
    - Joy


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