Sunday, August 21, 2011

1/2 pt Teapot, Mappin & Webbs Prince's Plate Mount Royal Hotel

A new follower Ann Marie: La Maison LaFortune
a custom seamstress who has been renovating 
a little 1951 cottage and blogging to document the progress.
A small silver plate 1/2 pint teapot - from the Mount Royal Hotel. Certainly made after 1902 (when the mark was first used). The historic Mount Royal Hotel, Banff Alberta was opened in 1908. There is a lot of use and wear on this small teapot.

The Sterling and Silver plate marks  can be found at Mappin and Webb.


  1. Missed you yesterday!..Hope to see you monday @ the Mall!...C

  2. Beautiful little teapot! I always wonder about all the stories it could tell.


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