Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to Meme from Thoughts from Meme's Corner

Welcome to "LV" - Meme from Thoughts from Meme's Corner.
Meme is a great grandmother and (currently) an 81 year old blogger.
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and Welcome to Tablescapes by Diane
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Tuesday was a 'lot of painting' day in my booth. 
Finished the 'red shelves' with Stain Killer paint,
 smells a bit (well, quite a bit). 

Wednesday morning (when you read this post) I will be painting 
the pale grey, faster drying latex on the same shelves.

Today's pictures;

click on the picture to enlarge

Before, and with a bit of paint
(did finish the lower shelf but forgot to take a picture)

After (tomorrow)


  1. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your Beautiful Vintage China sweet lady all the treasures!!!! I will be right over. I do Tablescapes and have a Blog wish your place was down the st. from me.....Do you put some on Ebay this is the way I buy my dishes.. I would come see you ever Day... Im your newest follower on your lovely blog. I hope you become a follower on my blog. come see my Tablescapes sweet lady. I also hope you have a Great Day with your lovely family. I hope to see you....
    XXOO Diane
    Im your new

  2. Joy, that's an interesting display technique to put mirrors at the back of the shelves.
    You've got some wonderful wares - makes me want to come right over to shop.

  3. hey,
    I really like what you got going on. The grey will make all the different glass colors pop. Having a booth sure is a lot of work, good thing we love what we do. Just want to tell how nicely your side bar is organized.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments - the side bar sorting is ongoing, lets me check other blogs as they post, matching titles to types.


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