Friday, July 22, 2011

Smurf Stuff

Introducing Laura Alice Eclectic Treasure Chest.  
Art History and Film student.
I have always been a lover of things antique, vintage or just
unusual. I also bake too much.

A dear old friend who has a very older dear old friend gave her his entire Smurf collection - into the hundreds of items - and now I have it. Hours of time later it still is not all written up. How to display - that is the question, small to large and so many pieces. One photo today - just a tiny part of the whole. A lot of work at home yesterday, no painting. Painting today.


  1. How exciting to gain such a great collection! I remember loving smurfs when I was a little girl :).
    Have a great weekend.


  2. Paint and I do not mix. Wish we did!

  3. How fun! I loved the smurfs as a girl. I remember my very best friend and I used to collect the figurines. We would pull them all out and spend the afternoon playing with them. What fun memories!

    Have a great weekend,


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