Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Painting, and a bit of tinware

I want to share a blog that has very helpful suggestions 
for Bloggers on her sidebar (scroll way down) Blog How-to's.
 Cozy Little House, written by Brenda. She gardens, creates, crafts, writes. Speaks clearly and from the heart.
I painted another shelf Monday morning, the last one in my smallest booth. I was also able to  tidy up the "wires" somewhat. 
The pale grey paint was not quite dry 
so I didn't fill the shelves before I left.

Click on the photos for a bigger view.

I love vintage cookware so took photos of 
a few muffin, tart, fancy shell pans, graniteware...

I usually (with a few exceptions and I then say 'where') 
use only my own stock for my photos. 
The main exception is when
I've asked another dealer in the mall
if I can write about her/his booth.
"Yes", then I take the pictures and say very little.
I do have another blog Village Antiques Mall where various
booths in the mall are showcased. Again, I ask the 
dealers permission before blogging about their booths/spaces.

and, more tomorrow.


  1. Love all your goodies...I always pick up old bakeware, too! And I think the gray color is wonderful, I really need to use that somewhere! Brenda's blog is great, she's really a generous blogger!

  2. I love old bakeware too...I'm always trying to think of new ways to use it :) Chat soon, Laurel


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