Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lovely grey - more painting with DH

Thursday I did a major upheaval in my smallest booth. Removed a 52" tall x 48" wide shelf and a 48"height x 24" wide shelf, took out the carpet, moved a big shelving unit and generally made a great old mess. Moved table out. Had to fit a great many items elsewhere in my booths. Hung pictures on the empty wall. Redid the spot lights. Filled the van and hauled stuff home.

The large shelf was tough to load, heavy, awkward. I could not slant it to get it into the van. Like a mirage, a WWII re-enactor gentleman in an amazing black Australian rain coat and a great brimmed hat offered to help - and did the heavy lifting and adjusting to get that shelving unit loaded. He travels the province with his large truck and provides the history of WWII at venues. I should have asked him for a business card. He was shopping for WW II gear.

click picture for larger view

This is the 'before' for this series - carpet gone, table moved out, shelf to the left gone,
shelf in centre moved to left, green shelf out (repainted pale grey below)
Grey shelves replaced the centre shelves above.
Painted two twin green shelves at home 
(built them years ago from *shelving boards bought from a 100 year old school
that was being pulled down and replaced),
*my absolutely best GS find
 hauled them over to the mall
and, with DH, painted the rough cedar wall emptied Thursday.
During and AFTER so far...
DH put the shelves in place, nailed them to wall, we filled. DH hung some pictures.
You may have guessed this is a cropped portion of the booth.
More painting to come.

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  1. Wow! That's an amazing change for the better. Sometimes booths are so full I am afraid to go in so I pass them by. I think your changes will bring a lot more shoppers in.

    The WWII guy sounds like a storyteller. I wonder who he was. Maybe a google search will find him.

    Nice post!


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