Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Irons and Ironing Boards

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Yesterday I bought two vintage irons from Marja's booth. She had a fine collections of irons. I've added them to the other irons in my collection along with three wooden ironing boards. The toy red tin iron in the last collage was also from Marja's booth.

When I was young my Dad built me a folding ironing board 
and I had a little tin iron. Loved them.
Strangely maybe, I still love ironing, especially
sewing related ironing.


  1. Sweet collection, Joy. Big risk, being around all these great dealers in the mall - you're each other's best customers!

  2. Ironing is SO at the bottom of my list!! But strangely enough I love old wood ironing boards and have 3 of them.....I use them for other things :) If you run out of ironing to do and have a "need" let me know ;)

  3. Hi Joy,

    I so hate ironing! I'm surprised ironing on a wooden board didn't cause more fires.

  4. I love vintage ironing boards and irons. The red one is so cute!

  5. wow...great pictures!....I am glad for my modern one tho!


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