Friday, July 15, 2011

DH and a Table

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Great garage sale last weekend, lots of 'I can not image what to do with it' that I just walked by. Not DH. He can see the beauty in a pile of wood. Turned out the wood was two tables. Quarter sawn tiger oak circa 1890's.

The 'before pictures' are the second table. I did not take any 'before' of the completed one. I also did not do any of the work, just DH (the person with vision).

The cleaning and scraping and sanding and steel wool and furniture cleaning was done over two days (off and on). The finish went on, dried and the table was assembled - 4 screws in the shelf, legs tapped into the slots. It  sits flat. It took muscle to tap those legs into place (block of wood and hammer). Lots of fine dust (varnish dust I think). The color is original. All that was scraped was the crackled and flaking varnish. I suspect the second table will not look quite as pretty.
I think many in my age group saw this table
in their parents and grandparents living rooms.

There are a couple of 'finishing steps' left, a final sand, finish and a wax.


  1. I heart tiger oak. DH did a wonderful job!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I would have walked past that in a heartbeat! Nice job DH!!!

  3. What an interesting table......I love the legs.
    I am like your husband, an odd pile of wood would be the first thing to attract me. (well after rusty metal, LOL) Nice rescue!!

  4. Oh, I agree with the first comment. Wood piles and rust and look how beautiful it is.

  5. Nice! You did a great job restoring this pretty table! I love tiger oak, too.


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