Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blue Patterned China

A Few Pennies posted Brown Transferware
- Ivy and Birds - take a peek.
Then noticed her "Reds" - another peek.
Nancy's Daily Dish has a side bar on her blog with transferware pictures.
They are linked to her Etsy shop - I included the link because
she has such a great collection.
Older posts in her blog have more about her transferware collections.

On August 2 Nancy posted her red transferware collection - a truly wonderful sight to see.
Blue china - gathered together - looks so pretty. 
Willow, transferware, Adams Landscape, 
Royal Albert Moonlight Rose, Blue Creamex Pyrex, 
Liberty Blue, Johnson Brothers Indies, 
Grindley Petalware, Mason's. 
as well as the black, red, navy 
 - have written a bit about in previous posts. - click on the color words -


  1. Joy; beautiful collage of blue transferware and other pretty china. The blues and whites always look so fresh don't they--love your post.

  2. What a great collection - imagine them on a Welsh dresser.

  3. Such a beautiful mosaic of lovely blue dishes. I love the transferware, it is always so pretty and love seeing all the scenes. Thanks also for your visit and your gracious comment on my lamp tassel. Hugs, Marty

  4. how did I miss this post!...Love all the blue!


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