Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Before and After - more shelf painting

Worked on painting the frame and touch-ups yesterday morning. Had to be fast, didn't want anyone to take home paint samples on their clothing or hands. I bought a gallon of paint this time so I will be working on and on ...

Before painting                                        After painting


and a back peek at the before...


  1. ..smart girl Joy....funny how something like that makes a big difference......packing up the van to get there today!

  2. HI Joy............
    That soft gray really sets everything off doesn't it?!

    Love looking at all your lovely glassware........doing some armchair shopping!!


  3. HI Joy-

    The bit of trim painted lighter really does make a difference. Frames the fixture better.
    I hope nobody went home with paint on their arms or clothes. I guess you had to find the perfect window of opportunity to do it.
    My best- Diane

  4. All your hard work has payed off. Looks great Joy!

  5. Looks so much brighter, Joy. Nice job!


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