Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bead and Seed Pearl on Silk Collar

This vintage Bead and Seed Pearl on Silk Collar was in fashion in the 50's and early 60's. Delicate, worn over a round necked sweater. I've had the one in the photo in my collections drawer for years, wrapped in tissue.

The children's books are from the 1930's. The wooden ruler - likely 60's.

I saw some pretty cloth collars at this blog My Friends Call Me Nelly. There is a picture of a bead and silk collar at Crazy Quilting and Cottage Embroidery Blog and Vintage Indie has two pretty examples. I checked on ETSY and saw some pretty examples as well.


  1. Hello Joy,
    I have a couple of lace collars which a friend made me years ago. None with your beautiful beads however. I love the white nightgown in Jane's booth and the white birdcage a couple of posts down. There's always lots to see when one visits you. Thank you for stopping by for tea the other day. It's always nice to hear from you. Since being on vacation, I'm a bit later making all my rounds. Have a delightful weekend.


  2. Thank Sandi - I always love visiting your blog - so pretty and peaceful. I have been enjoying taking closer peeks at the other booths in the mall and am always surprised and pleased by the vignettes others create.

  3. Hello Joy :o)
    I adore that beautiful collar, gosh i wonder how many hours of painstaking work went into it? it is beautiful.
    thank you for you lovely comment on my blog, it is lovely to 'meet' you
    j x

  4. What a beautiful bead and silk collar. I like peeking in at your booth.


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