Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another fine painting day ...

Welcome to Colorado Lady "from dogs to dishes and everything in between"

Painting is going well in my booth. The progress and change pleases me. Pale Grey is very calming - and making that color the background is working well. 

Still a few more wall areas to finish as well as the rest of the shelves and lower wall pieces (hidden in these photos).

Just to add something else besides paint - I took photos of the painted frames I put in Friday and a pretty table vignette (last picture of this post).

Green wallpaper and brownish wall board - the before, pale grey (one coat) the during
and the after - 2 coats of pale grey latex
china and glass in front of the freshly painted walls
Painted frames, candle holders, DelMar orange with hand painted flowers cup and saucer, 
silver plate flower bowl and frog


  1. Thank you for the welcome!! Your booth looks great. I found myself making the pictures larger so I could "window shop"......loved it!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. I love the grey! your booth looks great!

  3. Joy,

    Your booth looks great. You sure must be tired of painting by now ... lol.

  4. I am painting in small doses- working early so I won't be in the way of customers and stopping when things get busier. The most time I've been able to work is about 2 hours. I just go back every couple of days and paint some more.

    Thanks for the kind comments.

    - Joy

  5. Oh my goodness that looks awesome!..Hope to see you in the morning!

  6. Joy I have been away from blogger for so long that I didn't even know it had changed...I panicked today when I went on I am back to square one now as to how to link ect!...Talk soon! Colleen!


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