Sunday, July 3, 2011

And some very fine finds ...

One more estate sale (who could have guessed on a long weekend). Everything was outside and from the looks of the damp and the tarps laying about, overnight. The dishes were piled high and water dripped between the plates. Always a surprise to get wet feet on a sunny day. The books, boxes and boxes and boxes, were damp, mildewed, smelly. Didn't buy any but there were some very nice titles. Lots of metal. Missed a very nice stained glass window, just not thinking fast enough. Some things were very reasonably priced and some items had been valued and were not so reasonable. Another sale, missed the scale, DH saw it, got it. Smile. First find of a gooseneck desk lamp. Spray painted the metal candle holder Blossom Satin. It came with a really streaky white coat.

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