Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome to Patty from The Shabby Chick and ... painted shelves

Welcome to Patty from The Shabby Chick

I am getting new neighbours in the next booth at the mall - and - they have painted and rebuilt the framework in their booth so they can hang beautiful lighting fixtures. Their six beams are each wired with 4 plugs - its a work of art. Today they loaned me their vacuum (a treat for me as I use a broom to sweep my carpeted area). Quick, clean. Thank you.

Anyway, all that fresh paint went to my head, and I took part of a quart of garage sale found 'oops grey' latex over last Tuesday and painted my largest shelving unit - 5 hours, two coats (that included the removing of china, putting it anywhere it would fit, and putting things back afterwards). 

That looked so good that I went over the next day and painted the next shelf and then the next day and painted the 3rd shelf. Tingles in my fingers and stiff joints aside, I am very pleased with the clean look. I think this is going to continue. Had to get the paint store to match the 'oops' when I ran out. Bought myself a new brush and that made the job smoother.

Here are the before, during and after pictures. I was tempted to 'sand the edges to distress the shelves' and then wax but ... I resisted.

Click on the picture to enlarge.
The next booth painted and it looked so fresh that I started to paint ...
then started on the 2nd shelf ...
and on to the 3rd.
much brighter


  1. Wow! What a difference! Looks great. I'm not the only family member painting my hands off.

  2. Nothing like the work you were doing for your garden fence. :)
    - Joy

  3. It looks great, Well worth the hard work!

  4. Thanks Colleen - don't forget to look at tomorrow's post - you are the guest.
    - Joy

  5. Hi Joy,

    Your freshly painted shelves look wonderful! Your hard work has paid off and they look so bright and cheery.


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