Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to Colleen - Vintage Home

Colleen has had a SHELF at Village Antiques Mall for quite awhile - NOW she has a booth. She started working on her booth yesterday - white paint, stepladder, roller and tarp. Today it will be all white and I suspect, starting to look very very pretty. Check back both here and on her blog for updates.

Colleen's blog, Vintage Home, has a photo peek at the stock she will be putting in her booth. She said I could grab a picture - please visit her blog to see the rest of her photos.


  1. It looks like Colleen is going to have a wonderful booth with lots of pretty things. Good luck Colleen!

  2. Hey Joy! I'm your #40 follower. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm enjoying looking through yours. I also love vintage kitchen finds. The shop is really cute, wish it were closer.

  3. Hi Joy thanks for your support!...I have been back yesterday and det out today to get more wall hanging picture hanging??? supplies...and tomorrow the finish!...Just in time for CANADA DAY!
    I really need to do a 2nd coat but will have to wait till next week!


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