Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shelf Displaying Metal

It is my Happy Birthday today. 
So I am having a chai latte, lunch out
and a family Birthday supper.

Shelf displaying metal (and a bit of wood and ceramic)
- garden decorations, vases, containers, wall art, shelf art.

It was time to make some changes so - kazam - took out the 
gold ornate framed mirrors, china mugs, 
wicker rocker and stuffed toys and  - moved in the metal

Now I am totally in love with this shelf. Hefty bricks supporting a glass shelf. Restaurant size bun and muffin pans. 50's standing ash tray. Wood wall or floor grill. Twig and wood frame waiting for inspiration. Brass flower vase. Vintage copper vase, copper bed warmer, copper bowl and lid. Vintage propane torch with red handle. Brass match holder, four Chinese Warrior figures. Vintage wall mount lantern.There is even a black long handled fireplace shove and a long black pump/sprayer. Its fun to play with vignettes, this is one of my bigger ones.

Please click on the pictures to see in full size.


  1. Happy Birthday, Sister dear!

  2. You are an inspiration to me have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY love you Rob

  3. Happy birthday, have a lovely dinner with your family!!

  4. Thanks for the Birthday greetings. Supper is over, pictures are taken, candles blown out, the cake is eaten and DGS and Peaches have gone home for the night.
    - Joy

  5. happy birthday, from one Joy to another!

  6. Happy belated Birthday!



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