Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sewing Machine Drawers

My last several posts have contained 'sewing' related themes.

Sometimes I actually find something I have been looking for. 
Sewing Machine drawers. 
They were at a 'mostly guy stuff' garage sale on the weekend. 
They smell a bit - stored in an unheated garage. 
Didn't notice the smell until I carried them almost into the house. 
They are still on the front porch waiting to be washed down
. Some gentle repairs or
 - maybe -
 just take the drawers out and use the frame bits for something else.

Ideas - what to do? with sewing machine drawers? I love the color and details in these drawers.

Take a peek at Kate's Place.

Cozy Little House has a a great decorating idea for a sewing machine drawer.

Tresor Cache 101 has collected a few ideas from other blogs on various other uses for this type of drawer.

I love the brass screw and turning details.

I found some lovely painted drawers at govintage.

Funky Junk Interiors had a bit about drawers on her blog along with some other (non drawer) ideas.

Treadle Sewing Machine Drawers (photos of a great many different drawers) by Ella and Skysie Designs blog.

In Cowgurl's Blessing: Grapevine, Texas scroll way down to see another different approach to decorating/using drawers.

Enough - there are more examples 'out there' so I'll stop adding examples now.


  1. I've only seen the idea Kate had on her blog. I'll check out the rest (Thanks for showing mine. It was the simplest of ideas.) I just love these old relics. A cherished piece of the past that you can find so many uses for!

  2. I love old drawers...if you can get the smell out about using as cutlery sotrage...using old (or new) glass knobs for feet!, sit it on the counter !

  3. You had me a sewing machine drawers, those are gorgeous ones! I looked at all of the examples, cute ideas out there! I loved the ones with the little ball feet. I took mine out of the frame and use them for storage.



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