Thursday, June 30, 2011

School is now OUT so .... Summer Vacation Alternate Life begins

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School is out and the alternate lifestyle kicks in. 

I've treasured this year of 5 hours a day for my projects.

Today I am posting
Shapes and Shadows

found, some paint and wax
last weekend's Church garage sale with a bit of paint and wax

This post makes 6 months of daily posting.
A first for me.
My goal was one year of daily posts but
 I'm beginning to think 5 days a week would be ok too.
We'll see.
I started another blog yesterday and just maybe ...


  1. Hi Joy ... and thanks for popping in over at my place! Love how you put the shapes together! And good for you for posting every day ... takes a lot of work and commitment to do that ... 5 days for me ... otherwise my family would disown me!

  2. Love the shapes and shadows! Very pretty!


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