Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Peonies, Ink Bottles and Memories

Welcome a new follower Donna Heber from Donna's Designs.

Another few vignettes, personal collectibles.

A long time ago I enjoyed pen and ink drawing and calligraphy.

But, left handed artists leave smears where smears are not wanted.

More small treasures, the really messy kind that have to be hidden away asap.


Red, Black, Blue

The kind that never washes out.


Pictures taken, ink hidden in the back of the drawer.


  1. Hi Joy,

    Thank you for the wonderful welcome on your blog. Your double peonies are gorgeous! I have to laugh because I am left-handed and I also married one. Does that make us more compatible ... lol.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! So glad you liked my bottle carrier redo. I love the blue Atlas bottle you found in one of your earlier posts. I hope I stumble across one like that!

    Following you now! Hope you have a great day :).


  3. Very intresting pictures.

  4. Those peonies are beautiful and the bottles so very interesting in all those shapes.


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