Friday, June 3, 2011

Painted Vintage Ornate Frames

Deep breath. The sun was out for awhile so ...

Out with the spray cans.  Vintage ornate gold frames, ornate gold framed mirror. Blue tape, newspaper.

Rained a bit which slowed things down.

For so long the vintage ornate gold color frames and ditto mirrors were collectible. Now, ornate white and antique white frames are desirable.

My first try at changing something (is that uppurposing something?) that I thought was pretty ok the way it was. I didn't take photos of the 'before for each painted mirror or frame so I included the gold mirror that is waiting its turn. The painted (below, frames) all had similar gold color.

Here are the results. First, a big gold color vintage ornate framed mirror. This is waiting for some more sun and not so much wind, and no rain before it is sprayed antique white.

 Next, a smaller vintage ornately framed mirror taped, newspaper covered, sprayed, dried, sprayed, dried, sprayed, done. Ready to put in the mall.

 Views with a bit of purple lilac and orange poppies. The middle frame has a red velvet inner frame.

Two in the mall, two going over tomorrow. The white and antique white are quite obvious in the double frame photo. Dear GS picked the poppies for me. Love.

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