Sunday, June 5, 2011

Neat Stuff

I made a few collages using photos of this weekends finds.
Started at 7:35.
One estate sale, and several garage sales. 
Lots of really great baby stuff available this weekend. 
Cute, clean, organized, but no babies in the family at this time so just peeked and left.

When I got home I starting scraping paint, sanding, spray painting and cleaning.
More painting to be done but not today. 

The sun shone all day Saturday. What a treat. Apparently there will be sunshine all day today too. 

Click on the pictures to see a larger view.


Wooden chicken egg cups, painted antique white


Marble, wood, metal, glass

Lanterns and a bird feeder

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  1. Hello Joy,
    Wow! Lots of treasures! The chicken egg cups are quite unique, aren't they? Whenever I see lanterns I always think of my dad because he liked to collect them. Thank you for stopping by yesterday and thank you for your prayers too. Have a lovely Sunday.



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