Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just outside the front door .... of Village Antiques Mall

Some of my favorite things (well, not mine, but things I love) are just outside the doors of the mall. Metal, tin, worn, wood, Medalta crocks.

The classic - a bright red Santa sleigh (not for sale but great for displaying), trolley's from the railway loaded with great vintage collectibles.

I have activated a blog I started awhile ago. It is specifically for Village Antiques Mall and will be showcasing the mall dealers and the great booths and showcases. There will be duplication for awhile - I copied all the showcasing dealer posts I've been doing this month and have 'pasted' them in to the new blog. A Vintage Green is stamped on those posts. This post will appear there as well. 


  1. I think out front is one of my favorite spots too!..I am so loving those wicker baskets/picnic baskets !

  2. HI I ment for the other blog????


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