Saturday, June 4, 2011


Peonies, not quite yet.
Oriental poppies - a few more open
Rain - continued until Friday
Salt and Pepper Flowers on china
Flower decoration on china

For a larger view please click on the photo.

Flowers on Carltonware

Flowers on Sadler, Carltonware, Avonware, Royal Winton
Garage Sales, Estate Sales
Out searching for neat stuff to add to the shelves.
Saturday is always a very busy day.
Finding, researching, cleaning, polishing
Sometimes painting, waxing
Always writing and packing.
And a great deal of lifting and carrying.

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  1. Your poppies look gorgeous. They are one of my favorites next to my peonies of course. My peonies just opened about three days ago and I can just drown myself in their scent!

    Take care,


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