Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Flowers, a Watering Can, and A Bit of White

Today I have included a picture drawn by DGS
a happy bee (see the big stinger), a purple watering can,
tulips and the sun, 
he wrote Grandma on it when he finished. 
What could be better.

I borrowed my brother's pink rhodo picture - that color was too tempting.

Then I included a portion of a vignette from my table display at the mall.

Pink, white and yellow border. Happy colors.

I have used white as the theme in the next collage, popcorn servers, enamel tray and

a few extras thrown in for interest. I liked the effect of crumpled wrapping paper
scruffy old suitcases and a plastic 45's carry case
a white 'hunt scene' lamp and a wine holder that looks like a bird house.
These pictures are from my booths at VAM


  1. Love the old 45 record case!!! Fun memories!!!

  2. ...oh the white hunt scene it a lamp? the brown suitcase!

  3. Thanks Sherry and Colleen. The lamp is metal painted white and the suitcase is wooden. The record case came with a few 45's, but not the same era as the case.

    - Joy

  4. I like those old suitcases too. I have a few that I decorate with. I like the lamp too...that's neat!



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