Thursday, May 26, 2011

Metal Art and Patterns

Welcome Ron and Amy from  Whisperwood Cottage.

Metal Art and Patterns

The kettle is in a locked showcase in a small Alberta town. History.
The plaid is inside a suitcase,
the rusty and authentic wire office sorting bin is sold 
and the cast iron stove (lamp) awaits a new owner.

The wonderful mixture of metal below mostly belongs to larger forms.
The centre is the edge of a wagon wheel repair, 
the end is a tap for a butter churn 
and the first
well, that is a grand mixture, with the propane iron showing best.

A larger picture of the propane iron with a peek of an old heater and
the edge of a horseshoe fireplace set, displayed on a heavy oval mirror.

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  1. Hi sweetpea,

    I so love old metal. These items exude such a huge sense of history, don't they? I'd love to have a few of them dotted around my house!!



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