Thursday, May 5, 2011

Medalta Crocks, Red Wing Stoneware

I've just started to follow Mecky of  Kettle Corner Cottage.

Today I have collected the Medalta and Red Wing (and some unnamed) stoneware together. They are displayed in various areas of my booths so rarely get to meet.

One place I have always enjoyed is the Medalta factory in Medicine Hat Alberta. I've visited twice over the years and found the first visit (before the site became a tourist big time destination) was the best - the factory was as it stopped with the production left as it had been on the last day and the explorations through the factory were unhindered by ropes or rules. 

The Museum has been updated over the past 20 years and houses the original factory (some of it), and some beehive burners on site. Take a look at Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic District for a peek into the past.

An article, Stoneware by Red Wing found at Red Wing Stoneware from the Red Wing Collectors Society Inc. includes Red Wing Stoneware Ovals (PDF) and Production Timeline (PDF).

and my current favorite, the small 1/4 Crock Medalta Potteries Redcliff, Alta


  1. We have some of each too....I just love the look of matter how I decorate they are somewhere!

  2. I have a few pieces at home, my favorite is a Medalta Beater Jar.
    - Joy

  3. Aren't they gorgeous!? I think I could very easily find a home for every single one of these!!

    What a lovely blog you've got. So new!! I've signed up to follow you. ;-)


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  6. Does anyone know how much a 1/4 gallon Medalta crock with lid would retail for? I happen to have several and would like to know their worth.


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