Monday, May 30, 2011

Match safe - a tiny piece of vintage history

Today is my Dad's 54th Year since his ordination. 
 You can read his blog here. Dad is 90 years and 10 months on this earth.

This tin and brass Match Safe is fascinating. Fits so well in the palm of the hand. Sulfur match striker. Nicely hinged top. Lots of use and wear.  Here is a short article by Match Safe Scholar and from the International Match Safe Association and Museum another overview history.

The match safe seen in the collages here is utilitarian.

Please click on the pictures to see full size.

Mirror turntable - for a cake or desserts or displays - fish scale and match safe in first photo
Match Safe in 3 photos and showing the hook of a fish scale in the 4th.
I love the rust, the wear, the pure used and age of this small piece of history.


  1. Congratulations Dad! I have never seen a match scale, I did not even know that they existed! Thank you for showing us!


  2. I added a bit of info - the hook is from the fish scale, the match safe is just beside it.
    - Joy


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