Monday, May 23, 2011

Enamel and Graniteware Soap Dishes, Kitchen tools

I was fortunate to find two more enamel and graniteware soap dishes. They have lots of rust on the inner trays. Excellent for vignettes and still useful as soap dishes.

I also picked up some beautifully stain wooden spoons (sold immediately), some muffin pans and a glass rolling pin.


  1. Interesting soap dishes! I've never seen any like them! Good finds!!!

  2. I love enamel wear! Those soap holders are great!

  3. Thanks Sherry, Deb, Ron and Amy for your kind comments.
    - Joy

  4. i love the style its so simple but very nice to look at..we need to be more organized when it comes to our bathroom and in our toilet cause it reflects who we are..


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