Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Collage - a few fresh items blended with bits and pieces

Happy Birthday with Love to Gail (my best and only) Sister.

Metal, Glass, Tile, China, Coral, Mirror, Crystal

Bits and pieces from the past few weeks - metal heater, toast rack, coral, a fresh mirror tray with shot glasses, trivetts and a new vignette with blue/green/white and crystal.

found at the Church sale - Candy Dish

and (also from Church sale) the last photo for today - a teaser for a future post.


  1. Thanks, Joy for birthday wishes. You just knew I'd be checking your post!

  2. Hi Gail - And there is a lovely card on its way via mail to you too - mailed today. Thought of for several weeks. My usual great planning and execution.
    Love Joy

  3. Ooh! You've been having luck with what we love to call "junk"...

    Loving your new header!



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