Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cast Iron Dog - Nutcracker, likely 1960's Repro - that is 51 years ago

Welcome to May 31st - My garden's first poppy of the year.

The relatively 'young' age of the cast iron dog nutcracker likely accounts for the good condition - some rust, lots of hand rub shine, this century modern screw holding body together. The great thing is that there are no sharp edges anywhere on the nutcracker. Heavy, good action on the tail/handle, mouth/cracker.

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  1. Hi Joy,
    I have a blog which is working a little better in the past hour. So, I've come to visit you. What a unique nutcracker! I was admiring your silverplate items a few posts down. Love it! I was never overly fond of silver but in the past year I've become quite fond of it. I like the tarnished as well as the polished.
    Thank you for your visits, especially in the past week. I wasn't able to visit very many of my blogging friends due to the issues I've been having. So, it's nice to be able to come here and see what you have. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog party.



Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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