Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blue Mountain Pottery Horse Bookends, Footstool and Walt Whitman

My sister sent over this footstool. The inner construction is quite different - thick wood, angles, tin. The legs are a bit loose and came with thick string wrapped in the join for tightening. It sort of works. The brown paint is chipped and flaking. I left it alone and put in my booth as I received it.

The Blue Mountain Pottery (BMP) Rearing Horse Bookends were another happy find last weekend. Their surfaces were thick with atmospheric dirt and took awhile to clean and polish. The color and sheen of BMP is standard throughout the many images and variations of BMP. Here are a few useful links: Moms Page, Blue Mountain Pottery Collectors Club, Blue Mountain Pottery in the UK, Grandma Grace My Blue Mountain Pottery. You may have guessed that I am a fan of Blue Mountain Pottery.

In the final photo the horses are supporting another find, Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass 1940 ed boxed, illustrated by Edward Weston. Wikipedia wrote about Whitman. You could check out a critique "To A Stranger" Walt Whitman to get a bit of flavor of his book.

BMP -notice the clay color of the interior (base)

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