Friday, April 8, 2011

Vintage Singer Sewing Seat/Bench

First sunny warm enough to be outside without a sweater day. Light breeze. Couldn't be better.

Today I painted furniture. First time using spray paint on real furniture.

The color for the singer sewing seat (my mom had one with a brown leatherette seat cover that went with her sewing table) is Rust-oleum Painters Touch Satin Blossom White. I sanded, wiped clean, taped seat area and sprayed lightly many coats. Kept moving the spray can so I wouldn't get too much build up. Dry. No sanding. Original seat back in place. I'm in love. This bench goes into my booth tomorrow. (I still have my mom's sewing bench for me).

The guidance of many bloggers has been VERY much appreciated. Thank you to everyone who shares their 'how I did it, what worked, what not to do' experiences.

The before and the after.


  1. That looks so much nicer, Joy. Great job!!!

  2. I'm in love with it tooo! Now you can see all of the detail in the legs. I have learned so much from blogs and come so far in my painting and crafting. I use spray paint all the time because it is faster and easier then using a brush, especially around the leg details. Good job, I am guessing we will see more!


  3. Thank Sherry and Carol. I am learning as I go (goo-gone is my friend, I paint myself too with that wide spray, not on purpose though).
    - Joy


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