Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vintage Paint - the 'real stuff'

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I revisited a building from my young years in 2008 - a family reunion. On April 2/11 my Dad wrote about this bunkhouse, (the original structure was built about 1914), in his blog titled The Bunkhouse. I was looking at the photos I took at the reunion and realized how much the worn paint and well used (now used as a storage shed) the old bunkhouse was. The paint is amazing, and seeing the remnants of furniture was like a remembered sigh. The roof is now sheeted in steel. The building exterior is also maintained.

 This is the Bunkhouse in 2008. The back and the porch were added over the years. The original window is the small rectangular one on the side. 
My dad built the extensions in the 1950's.

The following pictures show the colors added over time and the wear and tear and various uses over the generations who lived for short periods of time in this little 'bunkhouse'. 
If you want to read the 'remembered history of this little home' 
here is the link: The Bunkhouse

 The beauty of the turquoise, pinks, creams, white after years of repainting, wear and neglect
 Bits of furniture stored in the bunkhouse, an often painted dresser mirror, a curved top trunk.
 The edge of the remains of turquoise kitchen cupboards, 
an oil painting mostly destroyed, 
an old bed frame (looks like 1940's era)
the original switches on the board wall.

An old (1968) red sign and a terrific window ledge, storage of oil and paint in the front porch.


  1. What a lovely old piece of history this is! The colors, the worn chippy paint -- so much charm, and so many memories!

  2. Hi Amanda - when I visited that old little house I couldn't believe how the bits of history were still in place.
    - Joy


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