Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage or Antique: Trencher Dough Bowl

I rarely write a blog about something someone else owns but the large trencher dough bowl came in to the mall and I could not resist. It belongs to the owner of the mall and it is indeed a treasure. The color, the repairs, the size, the beauty of the piece! I could not resist. He was fortunate to buy the large dough bowl, a smaller dough bowl and a woven and a wood basket. Now to learn some history and maybe, maybe learn from 'where'. The Way I Sew It wrote about her dough bowl and did have some history to share about hers. I could not find another blog (so far) that described this type of treen. Lots for sale when I did my searches, but none that looked like the ones described here.

First, the large Dough Bowl. Hand carved. Wonderful grain, Incredible repairs. Lots of use. WOW ! Love the long strip of metal used to repair the crack inside the bowl. The metal was painted so I am not sure what metal was used.

Views of the top edges, the underside and under the wire repaired rim.
Click to enlarge.
Full length side view (on a smallish desk).
The underside repairs to the long crack that runs most of the length of the dough bowl. 

Second, the smaller dough bowl... how can you resist such beauty?

Not really much for me to say (look at that repair!)

This kind of treen takes up a lot of 'house space' but it totally beautiful.


  1. Joy, how long and wide is it?

  2. Hi Gail - I will measure it next time I go over but my estimate is about 48" long and18 " width. I may have over estimated a bit.

  3. Two of my favorite things........treen (love the feel!!) and old repairs. Thanks so much for showing this.


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