Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Season has begun ...

I was away from home for several days for a family gathering to say goodbye to my beloved Aunt Ruth a pioneer rancher.

While I was gone DH carried on with the search for vintage and collectible stock for my booths. He did well.
 What is new here?  The ironing board, tin coal hod, hen foot plant pot, rusty garden hand tools, egg/berry baskets and cast iron Welcome door knocker.

 And here? Bobbsey Twins book, Bell Wire top jar, 10 Russian dolls, watering cans, Wooden Goose, Sadler 1 cup teapot, Pyrex quart pound butter dish and pierced Forget me not plate.


  1. I like your new banner, Joy - very spring-like and nostalgic.

  2. Thanks Gail. I am learning a bit more about Picnik and having a great thematic time changing headings to go with the season.
    - Joy


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