Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scales, Scale

A small bit of humor  - I needed a little giggle.

Scale - the kind that weighs

Scale - comparative sizing

Scale - to remove, flake

Scale - fish (didn't include)

Scale - to climb (didn't include)

All 'scales' from my booth at VAM

Way-Rite Kitchen Scale with rust scale
 White DeTecto Beam-type Baby Scale
 Lyssex Kitchen Scale, Swiss Made
 Lyssex Scale with small scale on tray with scale plus Weight Watches small scale
Scale - comparative sizing


  1. Fun post Joy! I love old chippy scales.

  2. I loe the Household Scale!.......The are great!

  3. Hi Linda and Colleen; Thanks for visiting today. I'm not finding new old scales very often but love the chippy looks of the WayRite and Lyssex scales.
    - Joy


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