Friday, April 15, 2011

Ruth Hunt, Pioneer Rancher, Beloved

Ruth Hunt. April 8, 2011
I was away from home for several days for a family gathering to say goodbye to my beloved Aunt, at age 93, a pioneer rancher. My Aunt was interviewed in A Voice of Her Own by Thelma Potter, and received her copy in her last week. She also spoke about her dream and the beginning of the reality of Rural Seniors Housing on YouTube , and there is a web page on Communities Development Society that gives specific detail of her land legacy.  Photo credit Communities Development Society.


  1. What a wonderful face - so full of humor and wisdom. I'm sorry for your loss.


  2. Thanks Claudia, although it was her time she will be and is very missed by so many family.
    - Joy

  3. Sorry to hear this, Joy. She looks like a woman who enjoyed her life to the fullest.


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