Monday, April 4, 2011

Roof Top Garden, Building Green

 The soil mixture is added - April 4 posting from Building Green .

Building Green BC

A blog that begins with a building site covered with blackberry vines is nearing the end as a completion as a green house.

Ever wondered what was required to construct a garden on top of a flat house roof? Here is a posting by Gail, (my sister) who writes the blog: This Green House

She has written about the sequence she and her builders used to make a rooftop garden. She has included her research answers as well as photos of the sequence to date. She is at the stage of building the rooftop garden boxes and pathways. 

Gail designed and managed the construction and was the site manager of their new family home. She was the boss and it was a huge job. She also designed and managed the construction of their first new family home way way back. She documented the entire project of A Green House in her blog. Her photo and written journal of this two year process thrilled me. I am very proud of my sister.

A view from the above ground lower floor


  1. Ah, aren't you kind?
    It's been an absorbing and (almost) always interesting job.
    But, I'm glad that it's our last home. I don't think I could do it if I were any older.

  2. I know there are jobs I could do 10 (or even 5) years ago that I wouldn't think of doing now. I think planting your vegetables and flowers and harvesting just outside so close to your dining room deck while looking out over the ocean is going to be weirdly amazing and very satisfying.
    - Joy


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