Monday, April 25, 2011

Gardening Thoughts ...

Lawnmower gas has been changed out (should have done that in the late fall but ...) Fresh gas. 6" high not quite dry grass mowed. Clumpy.  Done. Lots of dog chewed sticks buried in that grass. That reminded me of garden stuff.

Peek under my front porch (front yard garden stuff) and a picture of the wagon wheel at Village Antiques Mall

Garden decorations - ornamental watering cans, wooden wheelbarrow and baskets.

Birdhouse and candle lantern 

Blue Candle Lanterns, Garden hand tools

Plant box with clay pots.


  1. It is time for gardening even with the slow start weather wise, bring on the gardening implements.

  2. I just love that Spring is finally here...but all the work :0)


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