Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finally, Garage Sale season has started.

I read a delightful post today by Janice who writes Curtains in my Tree. Her vignettes were inspirational and the stories she wrote with them a delight to read. 

This inspired me to make a few vignettes myself with the pieces of wood, pottery and silverplate that I found today. The little blue glass hen on a basket is about the size of an egg cup.

Today was the first 'garage sale' weekend in my area since last November. The best one today was the Girl Guides who held an open air sale in a church parking lot. The rain mostly held off, just a few drops. Lots of mom's and leaders were there working with the girls. A broad selection of household, children's toys, Christmas decorations, books, frames, some china, some children's clothing, electric stuff, small furniture.

My favorite find was a wire 'decoration' holder (hard to take a picture without including some part of the house). I've hung little dutch shoes and a bell just to see how it will look. The trees (got 3) will be great for displaying Christmas ornaments.

The Tetley Teapot and the Brush USA swan planter were good finds and the bird is one I want to spray paint white like so many other bloggers have successfully done.

For my vignette, I added a vanilla candle, a few Adam's transferware plates, A Denby Vase, a frosted vase with bronze metal overlay, a Royal Winton head vase and some old pieces of silverplate on the welsh dresser, first display since I painted it.  Today's garage sale additions were that delightful red bench (it is mortise and tendon with square headed nails, ancient paint), a bird and the URE letters.


  1. Nice chippy bench and I look for birds when I'm shopping! No garage sales, yet..hooray for you that yours have started.

  2. Thanks Deb. This has been a very slow startup for garage sales this year. So much rain, and its colder than usual too. The little bench will likely stay for a long visit on my shelf (and it was in the 'free' pile !
    - Joy


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