Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was scanning through photos and started to notice eyes.
So I grouped some for this post. Feeling watched?


  1. The eyes have it don't they?

    I love your header About Old stuff, seems that is all I show on my blog stuff that was Mom's Grandma's or a special Great Aunt

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment about my little pug Sissy
    This has been so hard I miss her company and we was together a long time I really miss her.

  2. Funny! I love all the eyes! So cute!

  3. Oh so cute...the yellow & blue Pig(?) on row 3 is adorable...
    when did you do your banner (I have been away lately) how it looks!
    Are you working Old School Market?

  4. Thanks Linda and Colleen and Curtains in My Trees (I don't know your name) - the eyes were just so enticing. I'm hoping to visit Old School Market. The banner was made using Picnik. I am learning more about it every time I work on new photo arrangements.
    - Joy


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