Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Friends, Bird Cage and Bird

One thing I am enjoyed immensely is talking to other bloggers via "comments" and email responses, talking to 'live' people who read my blog and the blogs I have listed on my blog and reading the blogs of creative and kind people who share their "how I did it" tutorials and pictures. through their blogs. As the lady in the next booth said 'it makes people seem closer' with all the many ladies of all ages sharing parts of their lives through their blogs.

I tried my first painting of something I wanted to sell this week. I fell in love with the cage and bird, kept them home for several days and then put them in today. 

Baby steps.

I painted my first large piece of furniture and I am enjoying the new look and new vignettes that are possible on a new color base (welsh dresser).

I want to buy chalk paint and paint some more furniture. That is my next goal. The owner of the booth next to mine showed me her painted, sanded and waxed furniture today. I was amazed - wax makes the furniture look more vintage/aged but it does not look waxed. Its nice to get a close up and personal view of the finished project.


  1. I haven't waxed anything that I've painted...I have heard that its a good thing to do.Nice bird cage!

  2. I love to paint furniture and can't wait to try the chalk paint and wax! It's looks wonderful online! Beautiful bird cage!!

  3. Congrats on your first painted piece! Now you will probably become addicted. What a beautiful bird cage....

    Take care,

  4. I tried to find chalk paint in Canada. None. Just individual resellers in USA and of course, UK where it is made. I checked out shipping and from US to CAN my orders shipping was $120.00 so I decided to do without for now. You are right Lisa, painting furniture is addictive.
    - Joy

  5. oh, that bird cage is like a little castle! Looks very graceful :)


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