Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A bit of shine, a bit of Easter ...

My friend "D" did some table and shelf dressing in my booth. 
She is a set-decoration artist, has a good eye for form, balance and color.

A mix of practical and seasonal - rabbits, dolly chairs, vintage fridge-water containers 
and marble eggs in a wire chicken holder.
 Silverplate sugar with scoop, Art Glass free-form dish, Otagri vase.
Royal Worchester Flan dishes, Brass Candle Sticks, Aqua Insulator, vintage glass teakettle
Press and cut crystal


  1. I see a sugar scuttle (sp?). I have one and it even has it's little scoup.
    Lots of earthly delights at your booth.

  2. Love those vintage water jugs! Very cool. Great displays.

  3. Yes Deb,a sugar scuttle/scoop. And Linda, thank you, glass water jugs, who knew!
    - Joy

  4. So many pretties. I love those water jugs, bet they don't last long :0)

  5. I love Easter it always feels like Winter is done. Doing Easter themes are my favorite more please. Rob Island Rustic


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