Monday, March 7, 2011

What is it like setting up a booth in a collectors mall?

This could be a series of posts. 

Today I am writing about how I began as a collectibles dealer, where I am now, and answering a few questions about 'how and what'.

About 17 years ago my mother in law, an eclectic collector wanted me to join her in selling in an antiques/collectibles mall. She had been fortunate to get a small space (about 8x8 feet) with an angled corner. So like naive fools we jumped in with lots of great cups and saucers, weird shelves, no thought to decor, and very mixed stock of our personal collections. It was like a big hobby when we started. Big. First month we paid the owner, no profit. 

That continued for awhile as I studied what 'others' were doing in the mall (don't copy others, be as unique as possible). It took awhile to 'get it' - and that continues today, studying, figuring out, finding (huge job) and presenting (cleaning, fixing, pricing fairly, displaying etc.).

Does it cover its own costs. Yes. Is it a business? Yes. Does the tax man get his share? Yes. Do I like the work. Yes, although it is a huge time taker and finding stock that is appealing to the shoppers is a forever changing and sometimes tough. The paperwork is a big time taker too, with getting all the financial records ready for the accountant (its tax time again).

I set up as a sole proprietor, took over the first space and over time expanded to several other booths. More another day.

I've added a photo from yesterday's stocking/cleaning session at the mall, it has nothing to do with today's posting, just a great group of dogs.

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  1. I've been busy with the taxes too. This is the part I hate the most about this business. But thankfully it's only once a year for the big stuff.
    Have a beautiful day!


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