Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What are some other factors that help or hinder a booth in a collectibles mall?

Paperweights, Royalty mugs, bells, Royal Albert ...
Other thoughts on the care and feeding and maintenance of a booth or many booth spaces in an antiques mall.

I have had up to three separate spaces in the same mall and did not treat them with equal care and love. I tried to. Hard too, each was unique to what I was selling, one was books on antiques and collectibles (bad choice in the instant internet information age). I just closed that one after several years, with loss and relief. The second, a large locked showcase filled with the best ornaments, china, wood, leather, treen and very eclectic. Locked = not many sales, and no impluse buying. The stock I found and displayed didn't match the shopping needs of the visitors to the mall. Just closed that one as well, after trying for two years, again with some relief. 

Finally my large booth area which includes my original booth (the 17 year old one) and the larger end corner of the mall (a tough to sell anything area). What did I do to make them work? Light. I had three double sets of florescent lights made for plugging in and hung them at normal ceiling height (store is two story ceiling height). I added clip on lights and table lamps in as many areas/spots as possible. This still isn't enough light but its the best I can figure out. I find that whenever someone turns of a few lights in my area the sales disappear. No one likes dark areas.

What else is working for this area? Lots of good stock, replenished and rearranged weekly if not more frequently. If the stock is easy to reach, is clean, fairly priced and useful it has the best chance of selling.

 Anything else? Well, locked  = no impulse buying. So I recently removed 2 more locking showcases. I still have 3 locking showcases for the most expensive and fragile items. I also removed 2 open shelving units. My area was too crowded for more than three people to browse at the same time. My area is now more open, easy to see, easy to walk through. Have these changes increased sales? We'll see.

A bit of spring, Royal Winton Lustre, Bunnykins, Occupied Japan figures,, a bit of Fenton ...

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  1. This series is priceless! I sure wish I had all this information before I got started. It seems like I am just now getting the rhythm of it all.


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